Shandong Province, China中国山东省
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Description 描述: Shandong Province 山东省, Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max, Focal Length 5.1mm, 1/2857 Second, f1.6, ISO 32, September 2021 (2021年九月).
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Shandong Province is located on China’s east coast and is home to the lower reaches of the Yellow River. The Province contains a variety of habitats including mountainous and hilly areas, but the vast majority of Shandong is river and coastal plains, including almost 300 offshore islands. Over 400 species of birds have been recorded in Shandong Province, but with only 50 species resident, almost 90% of Shandong’s recorded species are therefore migrants, including the “Critically Endangered” Chinese Crested Tern, the “Vulnerable” Styan’s Grasshopper Warbler, and the “Near Threatened” Swinhoe’s Storm Petrel and Streaked Shearwater.

山东位于中国东部沿海地区,是黄河下游的发源地。山东省栖息环境多样,包括山地和丘陵,但河流和沿海平原占绝大多数,拥有近300个近海岛屿。山东省记录在册的鸟类共400多种,但本土鸟类只有50种,因此,有近90%的鸟类都是候鸟, 包括“极危”物种中华凤头燕鸥、“易危”物种东亚蝗莺,以及“近危”物种黑叉尾海燕和白额鹱.