Shanxi Province, China中国山西省
Koklass Pheasant 勺鸡<back
Description 描述: Koklass Pheasant 勺鸡, Canon EOS IDX Mark II, Canon EF 600mm Lens, Focal Length 840mm, 1/200 Second, f/5.6, ISO 400, September 2020 (2020年9月).
Additional Information 补充信息:

Shanxi Province is a landlocked area in northern China, south of Inner Mongolia and west of Hebei Province. In the center of Shanxi Province is a valley through which the Fen River runs through, sandwiched between two mountain ranges, the Luliang Mountains in the west, and the Taihang Mountains to the east. Shanxi's most famous bird is undoubtedly the Brown Eared Pheasant, endemic to China, and best seen in this region. As Shanxi Province is characterised by its montane landscape, it is also home to other special high-altitude birds such as the Koklass Pheasant and Spotted Nutcracker. The images from this gallery were taken from two trips to Shanxi, one in March 2015 and one in September 2020.

山西是中国北方的一个内陆省份,位于内蒙古以南、河北省以西。 山西省中部为山谷,汾河流经此处,且夹于两山之间(西部吕梁山、东部太行山)。山西最为著名的鸟儿无疑是褐马鸡,属中国特有品种,在山西最为常见。 由于山西多山地,因此,这儿也是其他特别的高海拔鸟儿的乐园,比如勺鸡和红腹锦鸡。 该相册的照片来自于两次山西之旅,分别是2015年3月以及2020年9月。