Henan Province, China中国河南省
Reeves' Pheasant 白冠长尾雉<back
Description 描述: Reeves' Pheasant 白冠长尾雉, Canon EOS 1DX Mark II, Canon EF 600mm Lens, Focal Length 840mm, 1/160 second, f/5.6, ISO 640, April 2020 (2020年四月)。
Additional Information 补充信息:

Jigong and Dongzhai National Nature Reserves are part of the Dabie mountain range. These nature reserves are home to fabulous montane forests, mainly bamboo, pine and chestnut, and are located just south of Xinyang City in Luoshan County, Henan Province, close to the border with Hubei Province. Their climate is sub-tropical monsoon: humid and hot in the summer and dry and cold during the winter. The Dabie mountain range has a rich diversity of flora and fauna, including such awesome birds as the endemic Reeves’s Pheasant, a bird that has the longest tail feathers in the world, and with stunning golden ‘scales’ on its back and neck. The area is also home to the Crested Ibis, another Chinese endemic species. This bird was nearly extinct in 1981, when just seven wild birds were recorded, all in this part of the world. Thanks to the efforts from the Chinese authorities, supported by local Chinese ornithologists, this species was saved from the edge of extinction, and now has a growing population estimated at 2,000 birds.

鸡公和董寨国家级自然保护区是大别山山脉的一部分。 这两个自然保护区拥有茂密的湿润山地林,以竹子、松树和栗树为主,坐落于河南省信阳市罗山县以南,与湖北省接壤。该区域属亚热带季风气候:夏季炎热潮湿,冬季寒冷干燥。 大别山山脉动植物种群丰富,包括一些绝妙的鸟儿,如当地特有的白冠长尾雉,该鸟拥有世界最长的尾羽,背部和颈部长有令人惊叹的 "鳞片"状金色羽毛。 这里还是朱鹮的故乡,也是中国特有的一种鸟儿。1981年时,朱鹮几乎濒临灭绝,全世界记录在案的野生朱鹮仅有7只,全部生活在该地区。幸运的是,在中国当局以及当地鸟类学家的共同努力和支持下,朱鹮得以生存下来,现如今其种群数量预计已达2000只。