Ningxia Province, China中国宁夏省
The Gobi Desert 戈壁沙漠<back
Description 描述: The Gobi Desert 戈壁沙漠, Canon EOS 7D Mark II, Canon EF 100-400mm Lens, Focal Length 100mm, 1/160 Second, f/22, ISO 320, December 2019 (2019年12月)
Additional Information 补充信息:

Ningxia is a landlocked autonomous region in northwestern China bordering the Chinese provinces of Gansu and Shaanxi and the Inner Mongolian Region. It is a dry, desert-like region including the Gobi and Tengger deserts. The Yellow River and the Helan Mountains cuts through the northern part of Ningxia. Ningxia is also a fabulous place for birdwatching, being home to the endemic Ala Shan (Przevalski's) Redstart, plus specialities such as the Mongolian (Henderson's) ground-jay, Mongolian (Koslov's) Accentor and Desert Finch.