Hainan Province, China中国海南省
Oriental Bay Owl 栗鸮<back
Description 描述: Oriental Bay Owl 栗鸮, Canon EOS 1DX Mark III, Canon EF 600mm f4L IS III USM, Focal Length 600mm, 1/125 Second, f/4, ISO 3200, July 2021 (2021年7月).
Additional Information 补充信息:

Tropical Hainan Island is the most southerly province of China whilst also being the smallest of China’s provinces. Hainan Island sits south of Guangdong Province and east of Vietnam. Its sandy, palm-fringed beaches are especially popular with visitors particularly from the colder North Eastern parts of China. It was visited by the ornithologists Robert Swinhoe (1860s) and by John Whitehead (1890s), the latter discovering the spectacular White-winged Magpie there. To the south of Hainan is Ledong which consists of nationally protected tropical rainforest and further to the north is Danzhou with expansive areas of wetland. I visited these areas in December 2018 and July 2021 which are superb places to see speciality birds such as Sultan Tit, Eyebrowed Wren Babbler, Oriental Bay Owl and King Quail plus endemic birds such as Hainan Leaf Warbler and Hainan Partridge.

热带海南岛是中国最南端的省份,同时也是中国面积最小的省份。它坐落于广东省以南,越南以东。棕榈环绕的沙滩广受游客青睐,特别是来自中国严寒的东北地区的游客。鸟类学家Robert Swinhoe和John Whitehead分别于19世纪60年代和90年代曾造访此地。John在这儿发现了壮观的白翅蓝鹊。乐东县位于海南省南部,拥有国家级保护热带雨林;儋州市位于海南省北部,拥有大面积湿地。2018年12月和2021年7月,我曾旅游至这两个观鸟胜地,见到了许多特色鸟类品种,如冕雀、纹胸鹪鹛、栗鸮、蓝胸鹑,还有本地特有的海南柳莺和海南山鹧鸪等。