Sichuan Province, China中国四川省
Temminck's Tragopan 红腹角雉<back
Description 描述: Temminck's Tragopan 红腹角雉, Canon EOS 1DX Mark III, Canon EF 600/4L IS III USM, Focal Length 600mm, 1/320 Second, f/4, ISO 800, July 2021 (2021年7月)。
Additional Information 补充信息:

Sichuan Province is a landlocked Province located in western China which splits into two distinct parts. The western half forms the easternmost section of the Tibetan Plateau and is home to the Hengduan Mountains which consists of highlands above 3,700m, an extensive plateau, alongside some swampland. The eastern half of the Province is mostly within the fertile Sichuan basin with the Yangtze River flowing into it. Due to the great diversity of habitats within Sichuan, as a result of these two distinct parts, ranging from subtropical lowlands, to evergreen montane forests, alpine meadows and snow-capped mountain peaks, the province has a remarkable wealth of birds, with around 40% of China’s endemic birds found in this one Province alone. The photographs taken in this gallery were sourced from seven trips to this Province in April 2016, November 2016, August 2020, October 2020, December 2020, April 2021 and June 2021.

四川省位于中国西部,属内陆省份,分为两个不同的地形区。 西半部分形成了青藏高原最东端,同时也是横断山脉的所在地。而横断山脉乃是由海拔3700m以上的高地,一座广阔无垠的高原和一些沼泽地组成。 该省的东半部分多位于肥沃的四川盆地内,且长江亦流经此处。 四川境内这两个地形区形成了丰富多样的自然环境,从亚热带低地到常绿的湿润山地林,再到高山草甸以及白雪皑皑的山峰。因此,该省拥有大量的鸟类资源,全中国约40%的鸟类品种都能在这儿找到。该相册的照片来自于七次四川之旅,分别是20164月,201611月, 20208月,2020年10月,2020年12月,2021年四月和2021年六月