Yunnan Province, China中国云南省
Grey Peacock-Pheasant 灰孔雀雉<back
Description 描述: Grey Peacock-Pheasant 灰孔雀雉, Canon EOS 1DX Mark II, Canon EF 600mm Lens, Focal Length 600mm, 1/320 Second, f/4, ISO 640, February 2021 (2021年二月).
Additional Information 补充信息:

There are over 1,400 bird species that have been recorded in China and yet over 800 of these species can be seen in just one Province, Yunnan, despite the fact that Yunnan represents only 4% of the landmass of China. Yunnan is also a stunningly beautiful Province with varied habitats including mountains, lakes, plateaus, plains and tropical rainforests. Yunnan borders four other Chinese Provinces, namely Tibet, Sichuan, Guangxi and Guizhou and also has international borders with Vietnam, Myanmar and Laos. The bird photographs contained in this gallery come from various trips to Yunnan including the Gaoligong Mountains, the rainforests of Xishuangbanna and Yingjiang, and the hills surrounding Dali and Chuxiong. The diversity of birds in Yunnan is truly outstanding including Laughingthrushes, Pittas, Barbets, Sunbirds, Wren-babblers, Fulvettas and Pheasants to name just a few.

据载,中国有1400多种鸟类,而仅在云南这一个省份就可以见到其中800多种,尽管云南只占中国陆地面积的4%而已。与此同时,云南省风光秀丽、自然环境丰富多样,包括山脉、湖泊、高原、平原以及热带雨林。云南省在中国境内与西藏、四川、广西、贵州四省接壤,同时与越南、缅甸、老挝等国交界。该相册的鸟类照片是多次的云南之旅拍摄的,包括高黎贡山,盈江和西双版纳热带雨林以及大理和楚雄附近的山脉。众所周知,云南省鸟类资源多种多样,其中包括噪鹛、八色鸫、拟啄木鸟、太阳鸟、鹩鹛、雀鹛以及雉等等。[译者:赵亚君 北京外国语大学硕士研究生].