Xinjiang Autonomous Region, China中国新疆自治区
The Gobi Desert (戈壁沙漠)<back
Description 描述: The Gobi Desert (戈壁沙漠), Canon EOS 7D Mark II, Canon EF 100-400mm Lens, Focal Length 100mm, 1/160 second, f/18, ISO 1000, May 2016 (2016年五月).
Additional Information 补充信息:

Xinjiang Autonomous Region is the largest of China's Provinces. Xinjiang is located in northwest China, in central Eurasia and covers an area of 1.66 million square kilometers. The population of Xinjiang is 22 million and its capital city is Urumqi. There are over 430 bird species recorded in Xinjiang, offering a mix of both European and Central Asian bird species. My trip started in Urumqi before driving north to the Gobi Desert in north western Xinjiang.