Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China中国内蒙古自治区
Snowy Owl 雪鸮<back
Description 描述: Snowy Owl 雪鸮, Canon EOS 1DX Mark II, Canon EF 600mm Lens, Focal Length 840mm, 1/500 second, f/5.6, ISO 800, December 2020 (2020年12月).
Additional Information 补充信息:

Inner Mongolia is an autonomous region, located in the north of China and running alongside almost the entire international border with neighboring Mongolia. The region experiences dramatic shifts in temperatures: in the winter falling to minus 40 degrees and in the summer peaking at plus 40 degrees. Inner Mongolia has recorded 436 bird species and, in particular, is renowned for its high diversity of owls: in winter being home to eight species of owls including Northern Hawk Owl, Great Grey Owl, Ural Owl, Snowy Owl and Little Owl. At this time of year, it is also possible to see many of Inner Mongolia’s other special birds including Black-billed Capercaillie, Hazel Grouse and Siberian Jay. In the summer, the grasslands that were previously frozen wastelands during the winter season, turn into verdant habitats with breeding Lanceolated Warblers, Pallas’s Grasshopper Warbler and Azure tits. The images from this gallery came from three visits to this region in July 2016, December 2020 and May 2021.